A new study about feline renal disease is underway at Colorado State University, and we hope that you will consider enrolling your cats in the study!

What is the study?

The Morris Animal Foundation has funded a new study at Colorado State University. Researchers at Colorado State University will be investigating whether an association exists between a common feline vaccination (FVRCP) and the incidence of renal disease in cats. This study is a follow up study from research previously completed at CSU that indicated that administration of FVRCP vaccination may induce the formation of antibodies targeted to kidney proteins. The current study will measure the level of antibodies to determine whether a correlation between antibody level, vaccination status, and renal disease exists.

How may I get involved?

We are seeking blood and urine samples from patients with and without renal disease that have a minimum of 5 years of vaccination history available. We know that you are all dedicated cat owners, and the likelihood of finding patients with adequate vaccination histories is probably greatest within your network.

The study will require you to bring your cat to your veterinarian to obtain a blood and urine sample. This can be done during a normally scheduled exam; keep in mind, however, that we hope to have an adequate sample base by mid-summer, and the deadline for submission is September 30, 2009. The blood and urine samples will be sent to Colorado State University to be analyzed and included in the study.

What is the benefit to me?

By allowing your cat to be part of this study, you will contribute to our understanding of the possible association between FVRCP vaccination and the development of renal disease. Studies such as these are very important to those in the veterinary field, as they allow us to continuously improve the level of medicine that we provide to our patients

Furthermore, your cat will receive a free serum biochemistry analysis. Following receipt of your cat’s blood sample, we will run a serum biochemistry test and report the results to your veterinarian. Please note, however, that these tests are not intended to replace any laboratory procedures recommended by your veterinarian.

Where can I go to get started?

Please visit the Center for Companion Animal Studies at Colorado State University website at http://csuvets.colostate.edu/companion/Current%20studies.htm and click on the link entitled “Association between vaccination and azotemia in cats” for more information. Open the document entitled “Standard Operating Procedures” and bring it your veterinarian to discuss at your next exam or laboratory recheck. You may also direct your veterinarian to this site to determine if they are interested in getting your cat involved in the study.

You may also contact me at csonius@lamar.colostate.edu if you have further questions regarding the study, or would like more details on how to get involved. Thank you for your consideration.


Chelsea Sonius
(208) 571-5202



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