Here are some excerpts from a few of the many touching letters of condolence we have received.

It was my great pleasure and privilege to have met Avatar Tycho Magickcatte. In his presence I felt the intensity of sapphire blue that seized my gaze and literally held me transfixed. The epitome of dignity and grace, he had the heart of a fighter and the gentleness of a lover. His affectionate nature was like a magnet and we immediately connected. His frail frame was no burden to bear as he rested comfortably on my chest, purring softly. Staring straight into my eyes, I knew he could surely see my very soul and understood the instant love and respect I felt for him. Struggling to rise, he gave me his patented headbonks, administered with concussion force and enthusiasm that symbolized his incredible inner strength and beauty. Avatar was a magical cat and he cast his spell on me. I loved him very much and the void is profound. I know he is at peace now, his indomitable spirit finally freed from a fragile shell that had been ravaged by the effects of CRF.

At this time of tremendous sadness for Carol and David, the outpouring of sympathy and understanding has been truly appreciated and a great source of comfort to them. Your beautiful words have honored not only Avatar but also the two wonderful people who loved him unconditionally. This new page has been added to the web site to share excerpts from some of the many letters they have received. Your praise and appreciation are not misplaced and I consider it a distinct privilege to call them dear friends.

For Carol and David, the last few years have been dedicated to a very special patient and the web site they created. They have sacrificed much in order to care for Avatar and maintain the Feline CRF Information Center he inspired. It has indeed been a labor of love. Their reward is the fact that so many have benefited from the hundreds of hours they have spent at their keyboards, answering letters with compassion and continually enhancing their excellent site. Avatar will live on forever in the many CRF cats he has helped, and will continue to help. He is a golden link in the chain of life and that circle will not be broken.

Good bye, dear Av, and thank you for those magical moments. I will never forget you. And thank you, Carol and David, for sharing your little boy with the world.

Sandy Carr

...And one thought stands out among the usual feelings of empathy and hopes for healing:

How many cats have enjoyed precious, happy times with their people that would otherwise have been cut short; how many cats are alive at this moment, because Avatar lived, because he was here to inspire you?

My thoughts are with you. The pain you feel we all have felt or will; but the legacy you have created in his name is absolutely unique, and will endure; and every purrful snuggle made possible by your work is a testament to the life and the spirit of one remarkable cat. His passing leaves a void for you. But his having lived continues to fill a void for cats and their people across the world.

The Feline CRF Information Center web site was more than I would have ever dreamed of finding on the web. You have helped so many people and their cats with this web site. Avatar has left behind a wonderful legacy.

Avatar will live on in your hearts forever and certainly in ours as the legacy to the Feline Renal Information Center that has provided so much help and comfort to those of us who have been with you on this journey along with our own.

Though it is a very sad day, the sun shines through the mist, colored brightly by the gift of love and courage you gave your little boy. His beautiful eyes now watch you from a place free of the misery of this earth. He loved you and he does still, all the more for releasing him from the relentless grasp of his deteriorating shell. You gave him so much precious time, immortalized his dignity and spirit and then had the strength to save him from a painful ending. My tears are streaming because I loved him and because I know he is at peace and in the comfort you have bravely given him.

The fact that Avatar - in a very significant sense - birthed the lifegiving waters of the CRF site makes his physical departure especially hard to take. The gift, that the both of you and Avatar have given us, continues to grow atop an ever-expanding foundation of love, support and wisdom. Yet, the very painful and intense sadness felt is joined by a feeling of joy and elation. Because Avatar is free, happy, and at peace. And not alone as he is being welcomed by the greeting committee in that other realm.

I don't know how appropriate it is to say some of what I wish to express at this time, when the both of you are only just beginning the journey of sadness and pain and adjustment. Yet I feel a great need to convey to you my profound appreciation for the work you do and have done to maintain this uniquely wonderful and informative environment that the CRF site provides for us. There will never be any adequate way to thank you for this. What you and the CRF Center's existence have done for me and others is indescribable and undefineable. We know it best in our hearts, where daily this feeling remains.

It is miraculous to me that Avatar carried on nearly three years with this illness. Thus, it is a testimony to the non-stop work and caring, love and life that you both gave to your precious one. You say Avatar never gave you the sign that he was ready to move on. And you say that "he never stopped radiating love." I don't doubt that. Perhaps his all-encompassing love masked an indication - that was present, but could not be discerned from "reading" him ... an indication that Avatar was indeed ready for peace. And perhaps within the brilliance of Avatar's shining love was his wish to be released. I think sometimes it is hard to know that.

It is to your credit that his last day was calm and pleasurable. While you know you did the absolute and right final gesture, still it does nothing to diminish the intense emptiness that rushes in to fill a space that cannot be filled. Avatar is home and safe. And I pray that knowing this may pocket a bit of comfort for you in your hearts' deepest core.

I honor the memory of Avatar, and I honor and cherish the both of you for all the loving work you do to support all of us.

In the many, many days to follow, I wish you warm and lingering memories of the one who was your Avatar.

I am heartbroken to hear about Avatar. He was such an inspiration to us all. If not for Avatar and the web site he inspired, I'm sure my cat would have died long ago. You both have been so helpful and supportive of me and so many others as we try to deal with this dreaded CRF and I am so grateful for that.

Words cannot begin to express the sorrow I feel for your loss. Although I've come to "know" many CRF cats, Avatar was always special to the point that I'd frequent your web site just to find out how he was doing, hoping always for good news.

As others have already indicated, it was due to Avatar that you started the web site. I remember how finding your web site eased my worries, knowing I was not alone.

Avatar was an inspiration to us all, and his loss saddens everyone.

There aren't words that can express the sorrow I feel at your loss. And I am full of admiration for the courage you both showed knowing when the right time was to make the decision. Avatar was indeed fortunate to have his life and soul in the hands of you wonderful people, and of course you were blessed in being able to share your lives with such a special cat.

You've already constructed a fitting and wonderful memorial for Avatar in your CRF web site. Think of all the kitties with CRF and their owners that are leading better lives because of the site. Truly I cannot think of a better tribute to such a wonderful boy.

I can't tell you how sorry I am for the loss of Avatar. He, along with just one or two others, has had a very special place in my heart. He was the "poster cat" for the cause and somehow it seems so unfair that he campaigned so long and is now gone. I can fully sympathize with the feeling of wanting to squeeze out more time but not at the expense of your dear friend's well being. You have provided an absolutely wonderful service to the world with your web site but more importantly with all the support you have given to those who have been where you are now. Please take care of yourselves.

We're so sorry to hear about Avatar. In many ways, he was the one we were all pulling for the most. If it's any consolation, he probably has been responsible for adding months and years to the lives of other cats, our own cat included. He enjoyed 5 months that he probably wouldn't have had if Avatar had not inspired the CRF web site. Before we saw the CRF site, we thought that euthanasia was the only option for him.

There are no words in the English language that would be adequate to express my grief on hearing that Avatar, "Old Blue Eyes", has begun his journey to "The Bridge". You two, and Avatar, are part of my extended family, and I feel the sadness I feel when I lose one of my own. My sorrow is profound. As I sit here with tears in my eyes, trying to think of "appropriate" things to say, I find that there are none. As I sit here trying to find words of adequate consolation, I also find that there are none. Nothing can diminish the pain and sense of profound loss. Nothing.

Perhaps the most wonderful thing you have to cherish is the legacy that Avatar is responsible for in the form of your website --- which has, I am certain, been responsible for the saving and alleviation of suffering, of thousands of victims of the insidious CRF --- those victims are the cats and their humans. While his passing has left a great void in many of our lives, he has been responsible for something that will save or make comfortable many, many others. That is something to be tremendously proud of, and one of those good things that must be cherished and always remembered. The world is a far better place for you, Dave and Avatar having been here. Always remember that.

My heart goes out to you and Dave, and Avatar. I feel a tremendous sense of loss --- but I also feel that the world is significantly better off for his having been here. He has made his mark, and that mark will never go away.

Dear Avatar! I remember the first time I saw his picture, and thought (disloyally) what a beautiful cat he was, what a wonderful face. I've just returned from a visit to your website, where I read his page in the Gallery, as I have before, but the entry for October 7 brings me to tears. We all think of our animals as immortal, but Avatar was immortal to US, too. The website is an incomparable legacy and tribute, and as its inspiration, Avatar is doubly mourned.

I'm sending you my warmest thoughts, and hope that you can find a small comfort in knowing that although we might not have been able to touch him or look into those blue blue eyes, we miss him very much too, and are with you.

What can any of us say to help you the way you and Avatar helped us. We were lost and your site and the feline crf mail list have given us all a common group from which to gain support. Avatar fought valiantly and left a legacy that we will all be grateful for for a very long time. Because of him and your work many more kitties live on to fight, instead of just being put down. What you gave Avatar in the end was the same ultimate consideration and love you gave him throughout his life and battle with crf. I will light a candle tonight for all of you and you have my deepest sympathies and Avatar has my deepest gratitude. It is because of him in part that my cat is still with me today.

I don't think there is anything I can add to what has been said here today. It is because of you and Avatar that I still have my cat with me today, 6 months after the vet recommended putting him down and I made the arrangements, only to change my mind at the last minute. I will be eternally grateful to you and to your special boy, Avatar.

Avatar must have gotten the kitty equivalent of a standing ovation upon arrival at Rainbow Bridge. I am looking at a beautiful orange and white guy with gigantic eyes who literally would not be alive if it weren't for Avatar, and of course his wonderful owners' work on the web site. Thank you and bless you. Our love and eternal gratitude are with you now.

My most sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved friend, Avatar. He could not have been blessed with a more loving family than you. His legacy lives on in the assistance you have provided to so many other kitties and their owners with your Renal Failure website. That's quite an accomplishment, although not unexpected for such a special being as he.

There are just no words....we have always thought of dear Av as a member of the family and I just sat here thinking about his picture and looking into those eyes. How wonderful, however, that he could make the trip to the Bridge peacefully, in his beloved home, and with the loves of his life there with him.

The tribute of the website will carry on the spirit and the triumph that was Avatar. All those kitties that will be helped to live a longer and happier life will be the living memorial not only to Av, but to the love you three shared.

Please know that we are very much with you both, sharing the pain and the loss, but also celebrating the life that touched so, so many.

Avatar's spirit lives on in the web site and in all the cats and people who have been helped by it.

When I read your message yesterday, I started crying and although I wanted to reply to you both, I must admit that I hesitated because I couldn't find the the proper words. I wanted to convey, humbly, that we all mourn Avatar's passing with you and although I personally never had the honour of meeting him face to face (or nose to nose), that he will be greatly missed. Someone wrote that so many kitties owe their lives to you both & to him. And so many who are gone lived for extra months, even years, that were full of love & compassion, because of Avatar. So many people found the courage to stay and fight and give our babies the best lives that we could. Because of the love that you both had for Avatar.

I am so so sorry. Avatar was truly an inspiration and he does live on, in many of our kitties. Without him, I would not have had the benefit of learning more about CRF on your web page. Without him, I would not have learned enough to find a good caring vet, knowledgeable about the disease. Without him, my 16 year old cat might not be here today. Avatar is living on in him.

...I know your heart must be broken right now but just know that a lot of love is with you .....from all of us and everyone, everywhere whose lives you, Dave and Avatar have touched with the web site. He will always live on in our memories.

...Things do get a little easier but it does take time. Just think of all the good times you had together and how lucky you were he was with you for all those years. You gave him a great life and he knew that and loved you all the more for it. Through the web site and in your memories, Avatar will live forever.

...Avatar was so much more than just a beloved pet to one family; he was an inspiration to so many. Even in his illness and loss, he made an indelible mark on the world. He was a special cat to people who didn't even know him.

...sometimes the loss of a pet whether it's mine or someone else's is so devastating that all i can do is cry but this one's passing leaves me with more than tears. It's the knowledge that we can make a difference.

As I read your letter I experienced the sad feelings one always has over the passing of a beloved kidden. Yet, there was something else. As I meditated on Avatar's passing, the more I could sense that so much was given through the life he experienced. So many were blessed because of him that I could also feel glad that he could now could return to the Heart of Love which made him.

The very names he bore seemed to auger that great things would come through his being among us. How you were led to choose his name is a miracle in itself. "Avatar"--Sanskrit for an incarnation of the Deity. "Tycho"--the first name of the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe---and, most telling of all--"Magickcatte"-- summing up his beauty, grace, and accomplishments.

He was a teacher, as are all furkids, of how to live and yes, how to die. His final moments when he gave you a last headbonk and then quietly slipped away reminded me of the little furangels I have had who went to the Bridge with the same dignity and lack of fear. So many came to love him, because you shared your experience of his brave battle against CRF. He lives still in the memories of those lives he touched. Thank you for giving us the gift of knowing Avatar. I never petted his soft furs, looked into those incredible eyes nor heard his special meow but still this beautiful little boy had my heart, too.

I am so sorry about Avatar. I feel so indebted to him and you for the wonderful web site. Words cannot express the sorrow that I, and I am sure everyone else feels for you as you go through this time of mourning your much loved Avatar.

...know that Av is king among the angel kitties.
They all know what he did for them...

The sad news of Avatar's passing came as a complete shock. Avatar inspired you and David to create the website; this in turn inspired the feline CRF mail list. Both have given already so much to cats and people that otherwise would not have come about, and this process will continue and grow. It has started me on a quiet crusade aimed at the well being of cats. And for all of this, Avatar is the focal point. There is no doubt in my mind that Avatar was, and is, someone special: his spirit will certainly be with us forever. He may turn out to be the most important cat that ever lived, not only to you (he already is), but to all cats and those that care.

Your web site stands as a testament to Avatar; both of you are a shining example of how to take a situation filled with grief and loss and transform it into hope: hope for all cats with crf and their human companions.

You touched our lives and gave us hope and knowledge at a time when things seemed hopeless. Our cat is still here with us, living a better life then we could ever expect due in large part to the knowledge from your web page. Not only does it help us to participate in her treatment, but it gave us the wisdom to choose the right vet for her.

Avatar had a long and happy life, and a graceful departure, due to your efforts. Your courage in choosing the right time to say goodbye is the greatest gift you could have given Avatar. You have our admiration and respect.

I am very sorry to hear about Avatar. He was the first CRF cat on the net that we found out about after our cat was diagnosed. I have always felt so much hope whenever I heard about CRF and Avatar. I don't even know what to say. Avatar was our inspiration to keep fighting with our cat. He was such a model cat and a great example of how successful treatment can be in prolonging a cat's life. Even though he is gone, he will ALWAYS be an inspiration for future cats and their owners. His memory will always live on with us.

We cannot tell you how sorry we were to learn about Avatar. Both you and he fought so hard for so long. If anything positive can come out of this, his legacy will live long after him, in the wonderful website you created, which gives so much life and hope to the many other Avatars out there.

Avatar must have been very special to have not only inspired your love and affection but also to have inspired this Web site. You will probably never know what a help and refuge your site has been to cat slaves everywhere who are in desperate need of some help and friendly advice in a time of great distress. You have my thoughts and sympathy. One of my cats died this year after sharing 15 years with me. It is a terrible time and no words can ever make things easier. I only hope the collected thoughts and sympathies of all the people you have helped are with you and will help you.

Many thanks. May Avatar always be at the edge of your vision.

I know you miss your wonderful boy Avatar but he was needed to do much more profound things. Knowing Cassie is with the watchful gentle blue eyes of her Guardian Angel Avatar gives me a wonderful sense of peace.

I hope Avatar has found the sunniest spot on God's bed for all he has done for other kitties.

Avatar was certainly sent to become the Guardian Angel of all CRF cats!

Midi "Heavenly Moments" is used with permission - Copyright © Geoff Anderson