In the past year, we have had to remove spams from the guestbook by hand every day. Often we have had to remove 30 or more in a day.
In order to end the problem, we are turning off the automated link to sign the Feline CRF Information Center Guest Book so that spambots cannot find it. To sign the Guest Book, copy this url:

and paste it into the address block on your browser.



The Comments Section of the Guest Book is limited to 1000 characters (20 lines of 50 characters each). Unfortunately, the Guest Book software doesn't warn you if your message goes over the maximum length. After you click the Save This Entry button to submit your Guest Book entry, you might want to view your entry by clicking the View Our Guest Book button to see if it has been cut off. If it has, simply open the Guest Book again and finish your message. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Privacy Notice:
While we are careful to protect the privacy of all our correspondents and NEVER sell names or email addresses, we cannot prevent anyone from seeing (and using) any email addresses that may be posted to our Guest Book. Spammers can comb Guest Books for email addresses to which to send their unwanted solicitations. The only field that you absolutely must fill in to leave an entry on the Guest Book is your name. If you are concerned with the security of your Inbox, don't leave your email address any place that is accessible to the general public.



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